GCSE Computer Science

Course Outline

The study of computer science gives students, a real in-depth understanding of how computer technology works. It offers an insight to what goes on “behind the scenes”, including computer programming which many students find valuable in their further education.

Key Topics Covered

Students will develop their understanding of current and emerging technologies.

Look at the use of algorithms in computer programs.

Develop computer programs to solve problems using Python, Java or Linux.

Evaluate the effectiveness of computer programs/solutions and the impact of computer technology on society.

Component 1

  • Systems Architecture
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Network topologies, protocols and layers
  • System security
  • System software
  • Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns

Component 2

  • Algorithms 
  • Programming techniques
  • Producing robust programs
  • Computational logic
  • Translators and facilities of languages
  • Data representation

Component 3

  • Programming techniques
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and evaluation and conclusions