Vision and Values


Our Vision


At Mexborough Academy every student will make excellent progress academically alongside developing into a resilient, happy and confident young person, fully prepared for life beyond the academy.


Our key drivers to achieve this are:


  • High quality, engaging and innovative teaching
  • Exemplary behaviour: engaged in lessons and calm and purposeful around the site
  • A curriculum that meets all learners needs and prepares them effectively for future education, training or employment


Our values, which underpin everything we do, are:



We want all our students to achieve more than they thought possible.  We want them to set themselves challenging goals, not just academically but in all aspects of their life and we will support them every step of the way in the pursuit of those goals.



We believe that as much can be learnt from failure as success.  We will encourage all students to take themselves out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves and not fear failure. 



We believe in building strong relationships with all aspects of the community.  We will instil in pupils the values of respect and tolerance as well as building a culture based on supporting each other and making a positive contribution to the academy and the wider community.